2021-07-02 IP News

In recent, the EU workshop on the geographical indications has been convened in Beijing, more than 35 geographical indications from 16 EU member states have been examined, including wine, spirit, beer, marinated ham, cheese, olive oil, edible olive, vinegar and mustard. 

China-EU Bilateral Agreement on Geographical Indications formally came into effect on 1st March 2021. This is the first agreement regarding the geographical indications between China and EU, the agreement has protected more than 200 EU and Chinese agriculture goods of geographical indication from imitation and usurp, also, is expected to produce trade reciprocity, while to introduce consumers to authentic goods from two regions with rich culinary traditions. This is the first comprehensive agreement at high-level on geographical indications concluded by China with another country or another market. 

Goods of geographical indication that EU planned to apply for protection in China including Brandy, Kava, Champagne, Feta Cheese, Irish Whiskey, Munchen Beer, Poland Vodka, Port Wine, Prosciutto di Parma, Uzi wine, Monchego cheese. Popular Chinese geographical indication goods in EU market are Maotai wine, Bean paste, Anji white tea, Panjin Rice and Anqiu ginger. 

“This agreement provides the protection at high-level for the EU GI products at the Chinese market, as well as for the Chinese GI goods at EU market.” said by H.E. Mr. Nicolas Chapuis, Ambassador of EU to China. “This is another step forward in the process of GI in the worldwide, the traditional producing method for these goods with high quality could be kept through this, to protect our food heritage, also, to make contribution to the rural economy. Also, this benefits EU and Chinese consumers and benefits the whole society.” In the value term, the EU GI products market is valued around 75 billion Euro (accounting for 7% of annual sale value of EU food and beverage). The import amount of GI products is around 17 billion Euro, accounting for over 15% of importing amount of EU food and beverages. 

Over 3300 geographical indications have been registered in EU, EU quality policy aims to protect names of specific products, for developing unique features related to the place of origin and traditional technology. In this event held in Beijing, experts introduce the advantages of EU GI system and China-EU Bilateral Agreement on Geographical Indications to importers, exporters, distributors, e-commercial agents, retailers, and other professional persons of food. This agreement is designed to protect the goods’ name from special producing areas, which follow traditional producing process. The recognition of the goods with GI enable consumer to trust and recognize products with high quality, while to assist producers to well promote their products. 

In this workshop, representatives from EU member states introduced some GI products, and emphasized the commercial advantages of GI products in price and promotion of sale. Portugal enhanced sweet wine Porto, PDO, Greece soft salty cheese Feta, and 2 kinds of Spanish virgin oil Sierra Mágina, Masina olive oil and Priego de Córdoba, also other successful commercial cases have been introduced in this event. 

“Color of Europe”, the promotion activity of EU food in China will be continued to the beginning of 2022, this activity including 2 modes, i.e. B2B and B2C, also promoting EU agricultural products via social online platform (Weixin, Tiktok and Wechat) and other media, aiming to improve the public’s recognition to EU food safety, high quality and truth, assisting Chinese consumers to understand the food tips and skills regarding enjoy and matching of EU food, also, encouraging the Chinese public to buy EU food. China is the major trade partner to EU, also, the world’s second largest food importer, the huge social demands determines that Chinese consumers have higher requirements for the quality and variety of food. 

Safety, high quality and authenticity are three reputations for EU food and beverages among the global consumers. EU has set perfect quality and safety management system for each link of manufacturing food and beverages from cultivation to production, enable consumers can enjoy products safely, the strict producing standard and control also ensure the high quality. Moreover, diversified European cultures and centuries of heritage have bred a rich variety of authentic food and beverage products.

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