International Trademark Association’s Opinion to the Future of the Intellectual Property Right
2021-02-20 IP News

How about the future of the intellectual property right? INTA has given the answer in details in the recent 3 reports that based on opinions offered by existing and ex-principal of the global intellectual property right bureau/intellectual property professionals of enterprises/institutions and think-tank of law firms. 

Although, every and each think-tank made feedback to the existing and future questions from each view, they have consistent opinion to the future: the intellectual property enjoys repaid development, stakeholders should adapt to the new status and then can keep up the pace, furthermore, to successfully face and promote the innovation. 

Etienne Sanz de Acedo, CEO of INTA, pointed that “as many other industries, the intellectual property area should step back and survey the current status and then can move forward. When we initiated the survey at the beginning of 2019, we did not know that the COVID-19 will come and push us to move forward, the pandemic requires the intellectual property bureau, professionals and law firms must convert quickly more than expectation. This means that it is very crucial to do proper preparation for the future. 

For the bureau of intellectual property, Future Intellectual Property Bureau’s Report summarized that, when we face many changes at the same time, we should make sure that the future intellectual property bureau should be stronger and quick action enough to confront and promote the innovation.

With the promotion of INTA, the think-tank of the future intellectual property bureau is consisted of current and ex principals from Australia, Canada, Chile, Europe, France, India, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda and America. 

Experts focus on three main topics, i.e. innovation of intellectual property system, future challenges and opportunities, and main features of the future intellectual property bureau.

Among many factors that affect on the intellectual property bureau and on stakeholders of intellectual property interests, the Report points out that the value of intangible assets keeps increasing, the importance, quantities and complexity of the intellectual property are steadily on the increase, new intellectual property powers are emerging, demands to coordination of intellectual property are increasing, global trade is strengthening, the disruptive technology will change the nature of the work, and moreover, innovation required by confronting the globally hardest challenges, the intellectual property will play more important role. 

Furthermore, many duties of the intellectual property bureau are not only limited to traditional tasks, but also need to play many other roles. Including, promotion of innovation, supporting more broader public policies, offering education and training regarding the intellectual property and explanation on the intellectual market. (i.e. From the view of interest concerned, how to consider the value of the intellectual property and how to make decision on the license.)

For the operation, the think-tank considered that the transparent level of the intellectual property policy and system should be leveled up further, the malicious application should be strictly restricted by proper legislation and practice.” The intellectual property bureau should improve speed and efficiency through new technologies, should recruit staff with different skills. Also, the intellectual property bureau should cooperate to develop shareable solutions and tools. 

The report said, in the coming 10-20 years, the intellectual property bureau should change its practice and procedures, become more flexible and high efficient, and furthermore, to embrace diversities and inclusiveness. 

Besides the report above, INTA also published the digest of reports from other 2 think-tanks. 

Future Internal Legal Team Think-Tank Report researched the functions and duties of intellectual property attorneys and lawyers within enterprises/institutions, the technology’s influence on its practice, the core advantage and barriers to establish brand legal team. 

The reports pointed out, “in the future, trademark still be the key responsibilities area, however, along with the continuous change of the nature of the work, the role of the interior legal team will be changed, they need to bear more duties.” 

The trend, enterprises/institutions require the legal team to be half the work with double results, will be kept. Members of the brand legal team will continue to be the real businesses consultants and could manage risks flexible. 

The third think-tank which included INTA members and experts found that the business of intellectual property law firms have already beyond the traditional scope of trademark protection and law enforcement category. 

Digest of the Future Intellectual Property Law Firm Think-Tank Report pointed out, “Law firms should make proper preparation regarding the knowledge and flexibility, provide advice and support regarding any kinds of questions for enterprises. 

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